How to backup your Pranacoin wallet on Linux

To create a backup for your Pranacoin wallet use one of two options below.

Option 1. Use “File” menu and choose “Backup Wallet” option.

Then choose a folder for saving a backup file and type a name “wallet” for it. Press “Save” button.

Store this wallet.dat file in a safe place. When you need to restore your wallet just Open a hidden folder* .pranacoin on your computer and replace wallet.dat file with your own, which was backed up before.

 * – use View menu and option Show Hidden files

Option 2. Use Console in Pranacoin Wallet. Choose “Help” menu and “Debug Window” option, then go to “Console” tab. Type next command to the console line:

dumpprivkey <address>

Where <address> it’s address of your PNC wallet. You can copy it in “Receive” tab.

Next you will see your personal private key to restore your PNC wallet at any time. Copy it and store in a safe place.

To restore your PNC wallet again open Console and type next command:

importprivkey <privatekey>

Where <privatekey> is your personal private key, which was created before.