Pranacoin cryptocurrency (PNC)

Pranacoin (PNC) – cryptocurrency for yoga!

Open Yoga Foundation launched cryptocurrency Pranacoin 29.08.2017

Having this cryptocurrency you:

  1. Can trade it as well as other cryptocurrencies on exchange
  2. Get the opportunity to pay for yoga classes with Pranacoin!
  3. Get the opportunity to participate in the development of yoga around the world!

How to get Pranacoin:

  1. Mining
  2. To receive as remuneration for your work as a volunteer for one of the Open Yoga Foundation projects
  3. To buy on the exchange

Technical details

Pranacoin is a lite version of Litecoin using script as a proof-of-work algorithm.

  • 5 minutes block target
  • subsidy halves in 840k blocks (~10 years)
  • ~5.6 million total coins
  • Reward: 1 coin per block
  • 2 blocks to retarget difficulty

For more information about Pranacoin click here.

To download Pranacoin wallet visit our Download page.

All PNC transaction you could see in Pranacoin explorer.