Pranacoin (PNC) – new cryptocurrency!

Open Yoga Foundation launched cryptocurrency Pranacoin 29.08.2017

Having this cryptocurrency you:

1. Can trade it as well as other cryptocurrencies on exchange openprana.com. Pranacoin is the same cryptocurrency as Bitcoin, Litecoin, with very little differencies from them.
2. Can use it as the means of mutual settlements (Currency based on blockchain is the best currency people ever invent!)
3. Get the opportunity to pay for yoga classes with Pranacoin in different countries!
4. Get the opportunity to participate in the development of yoga around the world!

How to get Pranacoin:

1. Mining ( how to do mining see here )
3. To buy on our site here: on the exchange openprana.com

Technical details:

Pranacoin is a fork of Litecoin  (scrypt as a proof-of-work algorithm is used).

For more information about Pranacoin click here.

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